Implications of an ageing population concerning the need for long-term care – the potential for reflecting innovations from abroad in Czech practice

RILSA Principal investigator:
doc. Ing. Ladislav Průša, CSc.
RILSA Co-investigator:
Mgr. Pavel Bareš, Ph.D. , Ing. Martin Holub, Ph.D. , Milan Šlapák, MBA ,
Principal investigator:
Mgr. Jiří Remr, Ph.D.
INESAN, s. r. o., Asociace poskytovatelů sociálních služeb ČR
Grant provider:
Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR)
Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs (RILSA)
INESAN, s. r. o., Association of Providers of Social Services of the Czech Republic (APSS CR)
Project start:
Project end:

The aim of the project is to identify the key problems that prevent the development of long-term care services for the elderly and the handicapped in their natural home environment and to suggest the optimal solution to this issue based on the results of a survey of care providers in the Czech Republic and a questionnaire survey of long-term care providers in selected European countries. The realisation of the project will lead to the enhancement of the efficiency of the financing and provision of social and health services and it can be further expected that the proposed solutions will lead to the expansion of the assistance offered primarily by field social and health services which, among other things, will contribute to an increase in employment opportunities in these areas.

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