“We have been conducting independent research aimed at contributing to positive change in society for more than 100 years. We present the results of our research for use in practice, primarily for the Institute’s founding organisation, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic. Our task is to expand the frontiers of knowledge and to help ensure its applicability in the public and social policy, macroeconomic development, labour market and family policy spheres.”



Selected publications RILSA

ESG investing and the financial performance: a panel data analysis of developed REIT markets
EROL, Isil – ÜNAL, Umut – COSKUN, Yener
Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 2023, 30(36), 85154–85169. First published: 28 June 2023.
Breaking the Deadlock: Defining the Quality of Social Work in the Czech Republic through Social Work Research
European Journal of Social Work. First published: 05 May 2023.
Internal Migration and House Prices in Australia
ÜNAL, Umut – EROL, Isil
Regional Studies. A Journal of the Regional Studies Association. 2023, 57(7), 1207–1222. First published: 02 Sep 2022.
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