Specifics and barriers to further vocational education and retraining of Ukrainians in the Czech Republic when entering the state system of organized retraining and further education

RILSA Principal investigator:
Mgr. Danica Schebelle
RILSA Co-investigator:
Mgr. Jan Kubát
Grant provider:
Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic
Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs (RILSA)
Project start:
Project end:

The education of immigrants in the Czech Republic is a significant factor for the full coexistence in Czech society. According to the available results of the sociological survey, only less than a third of them improved their qualifications after arriving in the Czech Republic. The relatively low level of interest in improving the skills of economic immigrants is because they are not economically or otherwise motivated to increase it. The project aims to map selected aspects of the entry of Ukrainian living long-term or permanently in the territory of seven regions in the Czech Republic, to further education and retraining.


SCHEBELLE, Danica, Lucie CVIKLOVÁ & Jan KUBÁT, 2023. Specifics and barriers to further professional education and retraining of Ukrainians living in the Czech Republic. Praha: RILSA. (only in CZE)