Guidance for Selected Vocations in Europe

RILSA Principal investigator:
Ing. Jana Váňová
Grant provider:
ERASMUS, Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education
ÖSB Studien und Beratung gemeinnützige GmbH
i-smARt Trust, bbb Büro für berufliche Bildungsplanung R. Klein & Partner GbR, Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs (RILSA)
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Adult counselling experts acknowledge the increasing difficulty of providing counselling in the changing world of work. They commonly encounter the need to address a range of issues arising from the various changes that are taking place in the labour market, the impacts of the specific character of the organisation of new forms of work and digitalisation. With the increasing pressure towards the (forced) independence of the labour force, the trend towards self-realisation is also growing in the overall context of the platform economy, the share of which of the labour market is increasing steadily. This transformation process is accelerating due, particularly, to technological progress. The aim of the project is to assist adult counselling professionals and education and labour market counselling policy makers to implement new approaches and strategies concerning the provision of counselling and education for selected target groups in the labour market that will be particularly affected by digitalisation, automation and robotisation. The project will be enriched by an international comparison of various approaches and experience and will provide support for an innovative and up-to-date selection of educational and vocational guidance by raising the awareness of both the increase in new forms of work in the digitalised labour market and the impact on selected occupations. At the same time, the project will provide instruments and strategies for the sharing of experience, focusing particularly on newly-disadvantaged groups, and for improving access to education that is tailored to the individual learning potential of adults. The output of the project will concern focusing on new target groups in the labour market that require counselling services, i.e. particularly “click” employees, on-demand employees, newly self-employed persons, etc. New practical approaches and tools will be defined that are particularly suitable for the defined target groups and innovative counselling approaches will be applied such as “networking counselling models”, competence counselling, virtual peer counselling and career research. The project will also formulate recommendations for public administration services and other actors that provide counselling and educational services.


iO1 Country Report Czech Republic. GIVE – Guidance for Individual Vocations in Europe.

The GIVE Textbook. Career Guidance for Clients in New Forms of Work. Callenges and Solutions.

Give – Guidance for Individual Vocations in Europe. iO3 Policy Paper: Educational quidance for new forms of work an new careers. Recommendations for decision-makers.