Indicators of the integration of third-country nationals in the Czech Republic

RILSA Principal investigator:
Ing. Petr Pojer
Grant provider:
Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic
Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs (RILSA)
Project start:
Project end:

The aim of the project is to continuously update the system of quantitative indicators that monitor the integration of foreigners from third countries in the Czech Republic. Selected indicators are monitored at half-yearly intervals and are divided into three areas. Basic indicators include areas related to the residence of foreigners from third countries: demographic characteristics, employment, education and social inclusion, while so-called analytical indicators consist of a more detailed breakdown of these values and comparison indicators express relations with the Czech population and foreigners living in the Czech Republic as a whole. As in previous years, the development was monitored of the attitudes of the majority Czech society towards foreigners with respect to selected aspects such as: the permanent and temporary residence of foreigners in the Czech Republic, attitudes towards foreigners in the Czech labour market, the degree of adaptation of foreigners to Czech habits and customs, the coexistence of Czech citizens with foreigners, the attitudes of Czechs towards national minorities and the overall impact of immigration on Czech society. This procedure allows for the continuous monitoring of the opinions and attitudes of the Czech population towards foreigners living in the country and changes in these attitudes over the long term. The results of the project are intended for the management of the Asylum and Migration Policy Department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.