Social Policy Gold Collection

The construction of the Social Policy Gold Collection database, which contains important works that reflect the historical development of Czech and (previously) Czechoslovak social policy, commenced in 2010. The RILSA library has a relatively extensive historical collection of documents from the field of social affairs, which are not included in the automated catalogue database. The main aim was to concentrate these sources in one location and to facilitate access to them for a wide range of users for scientific, study, research and pedagogical purposes. The intention was to create a separate database with online access from the RILSA website, which contains bibliographic records of historically valuable monographs, professional periodicals and other important documents in the field of social policy, social security, social insurance and the labour market.

The Social Policy Gold Collection contains important documents from the RILSA library collection published from the end of the 19th century to the 1970s. The collection includes publications from the Social Institute of Czechoslovakia and the libraries of the General Pension Institute, the Central Social Insurance Company, the Central National Insurance Company and the State Social Security Office Study Institute, which were transferred to the RILSA library at various times in the past. The collection covers the work of important personages in social policy, and includes studies that influenced the development, and chart the history, of this field.