Ing. Robin Maialeh, Ph.D.

T:+420 211 152 710

Robin Maialeh is an economist and social scientist. He was awarded his doctorate in economics and economic policy at the Prague University of Economics and Business. He has held visiting positions at Princeton University, Bern University of Applied Sciences and the University of California, Berkeley. He has taught economic theory at a number of universities, i.e. the Prague University of Economics and Business, the Czech Technical University in Prague and the UCT School of Business for a number of years. Prior to his appointment as the Director of RILSA, he held the position of Vice-Rector of Unicorn University. He has been working as a representative of the Czech Republic (National Liaison Official) at the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research at the United Nations in Vienna since 2023. His professional interests include, particularly, economic policy, political economy and the methodology of science. He has published several academic books and research articles concerning primarily divergent development trends in society involving a wide range of methodological approaches from philosophy to mathematical modelling.

Selected publications
  • KHAN, Naseer Abbas, Waseem BAHABUR, Robin MAIALEH, Natayla PRAVDINA & Maria AKHTAR, 2023. Turning the tide on turnover: The impact of empowering leadership on the work-family spillover of managers. PLoS ONE, 18(8), e0287674. Published: August 10, 2023.
  • MAIALEH, Robin, 2023. Success-breeds-success distributional dynamics in stochastic competitive systems. Quality & Quantity. Published: 29 July 2023.
  • MAIALEH, Robin, 2023. Critical Theory and Economics: Philosophical Notes on Contemporary Inequality. London: Routledge.
  • AKSOY, Tamer et al. 2022. Complex Fuzzy Assessment of Green Flight Activity Investments for Sustainable Aviation Industry. IEEE Access, 10, 127297–127312.
  • MAIALEH, Robin, 2020. Dynamic Models and Inequality: The Role of the Market Mechanism in Economic Distribution. Cham: Springer Nature.
  • MAIALEH, Robin, 2019. Generalisation of Results and Neoclassical Rationality. Unresolved Controversies of Behavioural Economics Methodology. Quality & Quantity, 53(4), 1743–1761.