Ing. Robin Maialeh, Ph.D.

T:+420 211 152 710

Selected publications
  • KHAN, Naseer Abbas, Waseem BAHABUR, Robin MAIALEH, Natayla PRAVDINA & Maria AKHTAR, 2023. Turning the tide on turnover: The impact of empowering leadership on the work-family spillover of managers. PLoS ONE, 18(8), e0287674. Published: August 10, 2023.
  • MAIALEH, Robin, 2023. Success-breeds-success distributional dynamics in stochastic competitive systems. Quality & Quantity. Published: 29 July 2023.
  • MAIALEH, Robin, 2023. Critical Theory and Economics: Philosophical Notes on Contemporary Inequality. London: Routledge.
  • AKSOY, Tamer et al. 2022. Complex Fuzzy Assessment of Green Flight Activity Investments for Sustainable Aviation Industry. IEEE Access, 10, 127297–127312.
  • MAIALEH, Robin, 2020. Dynamic Models and Inequality: The Role of the Market Mechanism in Economic Distribution. Cham: Springer Nature.
  • MAIALEH, Robin, 2019. Generalisation of Results and Neoclassical Rationality. Unresolved Controversies of Behavioural Economics Methodology. Quality & Quantity, 53(4), 1743–1761.