Filip Mandys, Ph.D.


Filip Mandys holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Surrey – his thesis focused on the analysis of the demand and pricing aspects of clean and conventional automobiles in the United Kingdom. Outside of RILSA, he also works as a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, where his research focuses on topics in productivity. Between 2021 and 2023, he worked as a Research Consultant at the European Investment Fund (EIF) in Luxembourg – his research focused on small and medium-sized enterprises, particularly the private equity, venture capital, and business angel investors, green finance, ESG aspects, and the impact of the geopolitical and energy crisis. He also worked as a Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, and Editor at the University of Surrey. Filip’s current research focuses on the energy crisis, its labour market impacts, and macroeconomic analysis of the Czech labour market.

Selected publications
  • MANDYS, Filip, 2023. Search for an affordable clean car: Pricing of conventional and clean automobiles. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 118, May.
  • MANDYS, Filip, Mona CHITNIS & S. Ravi P. SILVA, 2023. Levelized cost estimates of solar photovoltaic electricity in the United Kingdom until 2035. Patterns, 4, 100735, May.
  • MANDYS, Filip & Shivani TANEJA, 2022. Drivers of UK household energy expenditure: Promoting efficiency and curbing emissions. Energy Policy, 167, August.
  • MANDYS, Filip & Shivani TANEJA, 2022. The effect of disaggregated information and communication technologies on industrial energy demand. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 163, August.
  • KRÄMER-EIS, Helmut, Jörn BLOCK, Antonia BOTSARI, Walter DIEGEL, Frank LANG, Davide LEGNANI, Solvej LORENZEN, Filip MANDYS & Ioannis TZOUMAS, 2022. EIF VC Survey 2022: Market Sentiment and Impact of the Current Geopolitical & Macroeconomic Environment. EIF Working Paper No. 2022/82. Luxembourg: European Investment Fund (EIF).
  • KRÄMER-EIS, Helmut, Antonia BOTSARI, Frank LANG & Filip MANDYS, 2021. EIF Private Equity Mid-Market Survey: Fund Managers' Perception of EIF's Value Added. EIF Working Paper No. 2021/77. Luxembourg: European Investment Fund (EIF).
  • MANDYS, Filip, 2021. Electric Vehicles and Consumer Choices. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 142, May.